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The 3 variables of sun protection

In 2014 my young daughter had just started a new school. One of the school policies was that parents should provide sunscreen for use at school and on school trips. My daughter has sensitive skin so I was already aware that many mainstream chemical sunscreens contained a number of potential irritants for her.

Child safe, mineral sunscreen

We get a lot of people asking if it's OK to use Shade on babies and children, the quick answer is "Yes!". In fact, all the ingredients in our Shade All-Natural Sunscreen are edible, so if your baby accidentally ingests it, it's highly unlikely to cause any issues.

A word of warning about natural sunscreens

The headline for this blog post may surprise you coming from the manufacturer of Britain's most simple, natural sunscreen brand, but it's important information you need if you are going to undertake to switch from a chemical to a natural formula. 

The Lobsters vs. the Warmongers

We seem to be a nation of extremes...either people are exposing themselves and turning into lobsters on the beach or coating themselves in SPF50 and declaring all-out war on daylight, donning ridiculous hats, long-sleeved tops and glaring at the sun as if it's the personification of cancer itself.

To Bee or Not to Bee? Wax is the Question.

Our simple four-ingredient formula is entirely natural and contains only organic, unrefined shea butter and coconut oil, non-Nano zinc oxide and beeswax.

Over the last couple of years, due to demand from the growing vegan (now popularly termed, 'plant-based') consumer movement, we have been acknowledging the increasing demand for a beeswax-free formula.