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100% natural ingredients

Non-toxic - no nasty chemicals

Ethically & sustainably sourced ingredients

Free from Nanoparticles

Safe for all skin types

Safe, edible ingredients!

Tested to EU standards

Never tested on animals

Free from microplastics

Reusable & recyclable packaging

Marine and reef friendly

Made in England





Retinyl palmitrate



Artificial perfumes 



Shade™ - one of the UK's top ethical sunscreens

We've perfectly blended a combination of just four natural, moisturising and sun-resistant ingredients to make our safe and highly effective sunscreen. 72% organic, sustainably-sourced, unrefined, fragrance-free and non-Nano, Shade™ is a perfect mineral-based broad spectrum sunscreen for every body - even those of you who are unable to use any other sunscreens.

One of the best features of Shade™ is what we have left out of the formula - there are no toxic chemicals, no unnecessary fragrances, no liquid polymers or microplastics that could damage your health or wreak havoc on the environment!

Two of our goals were to reduce your toxic body burden and the negative impact sunscreens have on the planet.

Our tiny toxin-free ingredient list reduces both - now your skin and the environment can enjoy the respect they deserve!

Just four natural ingredients, and nothing else.



We've chosen Soil Association certified organic unrefined Shea Butter for our formula. Not only is Shea Butter an edible ingredient, it is also anti-inflammatory, prevents premature ageing and is highly moisturising.  As such, we knew Shea would have to be an essential ingredient in ShadeTM!



Widely acknowledged as offering the safest, broadest-spectrum sun protection possible, we have used a pharmaceutical grade uncoated, non-Nano Zinc Oxide, which also has a cooling, slightly astringent, antiseptic, antibacterial and protective action on the skin, making ShadeTM a perfect aftersun also. 



We all know just how healthful this amazingly versatile oil is both in and on the body. Coconut Oil also has a natural, although low, SPF, and we have chosen to use our favourite sustainable CoconoilTM unrefined virgin organic Coconut Oil which is also Soil Association certified, for our ShadeTM formula.



A pure, sustainably-sourced unrefined beeswax is used in ShadeTM. It's completely non-toxic, locks in moisture, has excellent water-repellant properties and is naturally nourishing to the skin. In cosmetics, beeswax is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic and a germicidal antioxidant making it a perfect sunscreen ingredient.

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Marine Biologist and Dive Instructor Hannah Morris of Happy Ocean Suncare

TV presenter, writer and blogger Kate Arnell from ECOBOOST