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Yamoa Capsules

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A food supplement which helps to rebalance the acid/alkaline levels in your blood, reducing inflammation and joint pain. 

Made from a natural, pure active hardwood charcoal, Toxin Buster is an effective digestive aid, and is also a safe and gentle yet very powerful daily detox aid.

An incredibly effective food supplement which supports healthy respiratory function.

Tania Wedin being presented with the Janey Loves Winner's Award for Best Natural Sunscreen 2016

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About us

My journey started in 1999 when I met a Ghanaian man called  Jerry Yamoa, who professed to have a powerful natural food supplement his grandmother used in Ghana to help people with breathing difficulties. He was trying to introduce it to the West, but was struggling to get it  taken seriously by the drug companies which he naiively thought may want to  help people with it. 

I bought some samples and gave them to my existing Reflexology clients who were suffering with asthma, not really expecting much. Well, their feedback was so astounding,  it sent me on my life's mission -  to spread the word about his YamoaTM to the world at large, and I dedicated my parenting downtime to building a website to get word out about his incredible natural product. My unrelentng  efforts resulted  in the development of the Official YamoaTM Powder Website  and the incorporation of Not the Norm in 2003.

My Shade Story

In June 2014, frustrated with the lack of simple, all-natural  suncreams  on the market, I decided to do some research and came up with a really basic but what I believed would be really effective cream my daughter could use at school, given the requirements for her to have sun cream on at school on sunny days and outings. When I realised how messy and costly it was to make your own when you're sourcing premium quality natural ingredients, I wondered if it would be a formula other parents would like me to make for them too, if they also wanted to avoid the dangerous chemicals and irritants in mainstream suncream for themselves and their children.

I quickly came up with the name 'Shade' and  offered it to other parents to try, who loved it, and were happy to buy it! A new product was born, and two years later ShadeTM has sold amazingly well on my shop, through eBay and Amazon, won the Janey Loves Best Natural Sunscreen Platinum award both in 2015 and 2016 and has been fully tested  for stability, microbiology, heavy metals, broad spectrum capability and SPF factor to European standards, and  I am happy to say is helping many  other parents and their children avoid unnecessary  chemicals and bad skin reactions.

The principles I endeavour to live and work by are:

1. Be honourable in everything I do. To cause no harm, loss or injury to anyone knowingly!

2. Seek to enrich my life through enriching the lives of others. The products I put my energy into make a difference to my customers' lives, whether they help them to breathe again, live longer or regain confidence, or in the case of ShadeTM enjoy the sun without fear of UV rays or undesirable toxins!

3. The products I source or make must be 100% natural, safe and effective.

I like to support small, family businesses, just like my own.

When you contact me, it will be me who responds to you, and when you buy from Not the Norm, you can rest assured you will be supporting a small enterprise which has high principles, treats all its customers as if they are family, and treats all its suppliers as if they were family too! No big corporations with faceless customer service people who are just doing their jobs here!

I very much hope you'll be happy with my service, my products and you'll tell your friends about Not the Norm.

Here's to a happy, healthy life!

Tania Wedin B.A.

Founder & Managing Director

Not the Norm Ltd